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Let me support You and You will coach yourself for life

8 week Journey to success

What do you really want?

Realise your goals and your full potential.

Without action your goals will remain fantasies.

Invest in yourself by working on your self-image, dreams and goals with one on coaching with Nazreen for 8 weeks. Invest R5000 with me and I will show you what you are capable of and give you the mindset tools you require to continue coaching yourself through your journey to success.

My six-week course will follow tried and tested scientific methodology to assist you to become the YOU that you want to be.

In only 8 weeks – Start your journey to becoming an 8 Figure Female Today!

Week one: Vision Boards that actually work

What do you really want?


Setting juicy goals vs goals with no spice. Those pictures that you just placed on your vision board. Are those even aligned to what you want? We start setting the right type of goals from the right mindset! The purpose of a goal is to GROW! When you work towards something you become alive.


Goal achievers are the ones that get things done: I will teach you about A, B and C type goals.


What do I love to do? That’s probably what your purpose is? It doesn’t have to be one thing, I have had many women battle with the identify of just doing one thing, you either a lawyer are that’s it. Well why can’t you be that and interior decorator? You see employee mindset is one source of income: your job! You got to think of multiple sources of income. Monetize your talents girl.


I will teach you all about paradigms? What’s that? The mental chatter that’s actually really holding you back from playing big. How many times have you set goals and year after year had the same goals with little or no growth? Be honest with yourself !


So we will do the following:

We work on your money mindset and blocks

Week Two: There is an art to Goal Setting

We can’t just gather information… we start implementing small action habits that will get that business to birth. Or figure out how to navigate that promotion or switch careers. Whatever move you need to make to elevate we will figure the steps.


When we take action that’s when the magic begins:


Make that transition from the 9-5. That scary feeling how will I pay my bills? I’m not ready to do this? It can work for her not me, I can’t do this, my parents will think I’m irresponsible, I cannot be selfish and only think of myself. Maybe I will do this next year when …..?


Maybe you need to close that business who knows what your fear or limiting block is but whatever it is, we will work it out. It’s usually the things or talk that hold you back. Do you need to leave that boss and ask for a raise or a promotion? Find your voice.


The excuses can be endless, you will know yours and you will be able to identify your own blocks. This is all customized and tailored to you. Yes I send you worksheets but I go through the material with you and coach you into knowing your triggers and habits that keep you stuck.


My 1:1 coaching calls, These are tailor made to you! Live once a week for 60mins.


Remember I have advised in multitudes Of industries so I got you covered on strategy specific to your industry. I give you tips and advice but YOU got to do the work!


That’s why we also work on YOU so that you start seeing yourself like a business owner you were born to be. If you still in employee mode I meet you where you at but at-least you start working on your transition strategy. Whatever your situation we will work on the steps.

Week Three: There is a science behind all of this

We dive deeper, we insert the goal into your subconscious mind? How? I’m trained with the Proctor Gallagher Institute who have over 80 years experience in the personal development space. When you work with me, we use coaching methodologies that are the best in the world. We understand the conscious and subconscious mind and how they interact.


I will get you to Lead the Field and Think into Results this is all scientifically proven.


If you one of those types, like I was, wanting critical evidence then I will also work with you through that. Allow yourself to use your imagination when was the last time you did that? Maybe as a child and you will think this is all airy fairy, well it’s not. Because olympic athletes, billionaires, artists the list goes on of people who are in the top of their field who apply these methodologies.

Week Four: What are you willing to sacrifice?

Doing the things that move the needle. I stayed stuck for a very very very long time in “research mode” to be honest about two years. I kept telling myself I’m doing my coaching certification I need to have this much and be that much. Before I start coaching women.


If you like me, then I will use the exact same strategies and teach them to you. Call it breaking the “Knowing Doing Gap.” You know what to do, you have read all the A type leading personal development books, to be honest they all say the same thing yet you still stay stuck? Why? Break the cycle finally and take that leap. Invest in the mindset tools you need and apply them for life. The return on investment will be evidenced by your own results. Trust yourself and work with me, I have been there so I can hold your hand and not just talk theory.

Week Five: The Daily Audit

You have the goal and you know your paradigm, we have touched on actions. Now we have to learn the techniques. What techniques? Why do you stay stuck and how do you move yourself forward? You only human this stuff takes time but you can apply the tools instantly. You don’t have to wait but I won’t lie, It takes time, it takes investment and it takes stepping out of your comfort zone.


But if you want it badly enough, it’s gonna happen!

Week Six: Trample the Terror Barrier

We ready to wrap up, you will have a plan on the way forward and how you move your life to the next steps out of your comfort zone. We call it the terror barrier. We only experience fear because of our self-image. We touch on the areas that keep us stuck and ignorant. We get out of fear mode and into faith mode. Possibility mode.


You don’t need more research let’s start working together for 6 weeks with specialised 1:1 coaching tailor-made just for you and your goals!


Without Action your goals will remain FANTASIES!

Week Seven: All about you!

Schedule this week within three months of completing the 6 week program. In this week we spend time delving into what makes you the queen you are destined to be. We focus on YOU and tailor make a plan that is going to set your path to success!

Week Eight: Action

In this final week we take what we have learnt and gained in weeks 1 – 6 and your discovery week and put these plans into action so that you can start to see the rewards of the time you have invested in yourself!

Sign up for Nazreen’s eight-week coaching to change your future!