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8FF empowers women with mindset tools to coach themselves out of fear.



Nazreen Sekao Pandor

Mindset Coach for High Achieving Women

Nazreen is a certified business coach for high achieving women. She is certified in Lead the Field with the Proctor Gallagher Institute which has over 80 years of experience in the personal development field. She uses all her skills and knowledge to make sure she reaches as many women as possible.


She is also a lawyer and has combined this knowledge to coach women who want to start a new business or transition from their 9-5 golden handcuff job, or women who want to figure their next career or life steps. She has coached women and worked with multinational companies across continents and has always been an entrepreneur running her family businesses from a young age. All this experience coupled with her corporate experience in highly male dominated industries has given her the mindset tools and strategies that you need to get you unstuck and flying.


She has been featured in Forbes Women Africa as The Women’s Women and Destiny Magazine under Woman to Watch. She has also written articles and appeared on various print, television and Radio media.


Nazreen has started and closed many businesses including a jewellery company that was aimed at giving women a “business in a box.” She understands the struggles and challenges that one has in starting something and changing it along the way.

Read Nazreen's Story


I don’t know what your comfort zone might look like for you right now, maybe you need change but you don’t know how to navigate it. I have been there, I was 30kg overweight for my small 147cm frame and just felt that I could not control what I was eating.


A year later at the end of 2017, having reached my weightloss goals I came to the conclusion that it was all down to my mindset and how I looked at myself and what I was consuming to “nourish” my body. I was using mantras and affirmations to resist temptation and to push myself to go to the gym. I didn’t even know I was doing what they call “rewiring” my brain.


So I started looking into the world of personal development and mindset coaching and I came across the Proctor Gallagher Institute. So yah…


I went through the coaching and certification in 2019 and I realised that I had to empower and work with women to give them affordable, world class coaching. So I always knew I was going to transition from corporate 9-5 to helping women birth their dreams.





Are you waiting for that magic moment or are you waiting for a sign? This is it! This is your moment; this is your sign!



This is your permission slip.

Go ahead and do something for you! Something different, something new.




Coaching – Work with me I can help you:

Get Unstuck

Step outside of your comfort zone

Get Clarity

Find your direction and purpose

Business Coaching

Start your business or side hustle

Career Goals

Set the RIGHT career goals, yep - there is a difference

Mindset and Business Confidence Coaching

Get the tools to assist you improve your presence in the workplace

Goal Setting

Have Intention when it comes to goals in your: Career, Relationships, Spirituality and Health


Break free from those 9 - 5 handcuffs

Mindset Shift

Go from 9 to 5 employee thinking to that of an 8 Figure Female


Get that promotion or switch jobs

Stop Hiding Behind "Research" Mode

I remember when I was in university, we used to call people who had been studying for a while “professional students” and I mean people who just go from one degree to another and another and change fields and just keep studying until they get to their 3rd PHD in goodness knows what at like 55. Those people are brilliant, but they don’t “test” the practical application and ability of their skills and dreams. They may even be brilliant yet BROKE.


At some point you just have to believe that with the experience and knowledge that you have, that it is enough. You are enough and go for it.


We hide behind our corporate jobs and the security we think it brings. We tell ourselves we have to study this and be certified in that and we hide and use that as an excuse to never go out there and become our own women. To never start that side hustle or that dream job.


I know you want to show other women that it’s possible. Maybe you even just want to show yourself or your daughters or nieces and nephews, so start by thinking about what your life would  look like outside of your corporate job? You can write this down or just imagine it. Allow yourself to use your imagination. Albert Einstein did this all the time. Think into the future and see yourself there. Even A-lister athletes use this technique/tool.


Before I transitioned, I wrote out what my ideal day would look like in addition to visualization. E.g., I wrote out that I would wake up before sunrise (I usually do anyway) to start my day with prayer, meditation, exercise then work on my business. Either writing and creating and Inspiring more women by coaching or recording material. Mind you, I didn’t have clients at this stage, but I was visualizing it and holding onto my faith when it just didn’t look clear to me what the next steps would be. But I acted. I worked on my social media and  used that to spread the word. I couldn’t just start visualizing and journaling: the magic doesn’t happen if you don’t put the cake into the oven. It’s all about the action and believing it’s possible for you because it is: if it’s possible for me then your dreams are valid and will unfold in their own unique way. Our paths are all different, we are not all writing the same exam in life.


However, I can give you the map and the tools to help you navigate this and to coach yourself out of the fear.


As I write this, I’m now fully committed to my coaching business and working through my own fears. Managing them by journaling them and calling them out when they appear baseless and unfounded. You can start doing that right now!!!





By working with you one-on-one, I will assist you in navigating your fears and reaching your goals. Do you want to elevate to the next level? Are you not afraid of doing the work to get there?  Maybe you have a goal to lose weight or figure out your next career move.




8FF empowers women with practical mindset tools that they can implement into their subconscious minds and achieve their goals without fear. These mindset tools have been developed over 80 years and they work! My methodology and training come from the leading Personal Development Institute. When you work with me or purchase my courses you are getting world class material at an affordable price.

I’m here to provide you with a new and inspiring service and product, specifically for Female Entrepreneurs, High Achieving Women, Professional go-getters and Career Women.