Leave That Dead End Place For Good
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Leave That Dead End Place For Good

The stories that we tell ourselves that we not ready to leave that dead end job or ask for that promotion are our fears. We tell ourselves these fears based on external evidence. All external because it is coming from TV, news, statistics, friends, and/or family. We ignore our own intuition. Why is it not safe to trust yourself, trust your internal voice?

We allow ourselves to literally be “programmed.” Our caregivers and those close to our circle of influence e.g. parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings or whoever we are around program us as children between the ages of 0-7 years. We start adopting certain habits that become part of who we are? We creatures of habit so we absorb all of this without realising. You may be programming your own children right now and nieces and nephews etc

Let us do a little test: have you ever caught yourself sounding like somebody else or reacting in a similar manner like them? I know this happens to me often or it used to, I would catch myself sounding like my mom. You see this is what programming is all about. It is like being hypnotised, and you do not even know it.

So similarly, fears are like that, those hypnotic thoughts you are thinking may be coming from somewhere or influenced by some experience. Its time to adult yourself and weed out the thoughts that do not serve you.

As we adult ourselves, we must learn to break free from the chains of what others think of us.

How do we do this? We work on our mindset.

Maybe you are telling yourself a story that you are not thin enough, not smart, or talented enough, not confident enough. It could be so many things, for a long time I told myself that why start a new coaching business for women? That my life was comfortable being a lawyer working in some corporate job. Basically, following a life script.

Another story that I had on repeat was that I was “big boned” whatever that meant and that I would not be able to lose weight. Its been three years and I am maintaining a 30kg weight loss. All from a change of lifestyle and adopting better eating habits. I would eat any sweet thing placed in front of me, now I ask myself myself is It worth those burpees or that cardio move? Do not get me wrong, I do indulge but I am more mindful of what I eat now. That is when I really started looking at the mindset and coaching work and how the mind works.

I went through the coaching and certification and had to ask myself questions and answer them with integrity and honesty, I owed it to myself to adult myself and elevate myself to my next level. So, grab paper and do not mentally respond to these questions, I did that, it just makes you get this stuff slower….so yah do not take the shortcuts. Keep a journal and document! company strategies do not float somewhere in someone’s head. Bosses want reports and shareholders want documents and controls. So, there is no bypassing this. You are the CEO of your life stop being lazy only doing work when someone else is paying you. Again, do you want to work for the rest of your life? Doing stuff, you hate. If you do this writing exercise you will save yourself time because you will get clarity faster and be able to hold yourself accountable and elevate faster.

What do you cherish? I know I like having freedom to do with my time what I want to do but for a long time I mean over 10 years I was stuck in golden handcuffs mentality wrestling with my other passion to work with women and put out good quality content. You see it was during this time that I discovered that I want to help women achieve their dreams with mindset tools that help them take control of their fears and launch their dreams. I had to realise that if I stayed in my own head, following the rules that you get a job and work for your pension, that i would be selfish and it would be lazy of me.

Does life only have to start once you retire with your pension fund. Will you only be able to travel without being worried about a leave form after the age of 65. Nah I do not think so;

I am here, and I was created to do something with my life. And maybe you also believe that you have a purpose and that is why you are reading this. Does your purpose have to be your passion? In my case I made my passion my purpose and vice versa.

It may be different for you, but this interrogation will help you with your mindset and unpack where you are at. This is not motivational stuff, this is doing an audit of your life and being honest with yourself.

Do not get me wrong, you may already be winning and so you may be thinking it can’t be all that bad? yah sure, there are good habits and actions and those are the ones we want to keep and hone. The thoughts we are concerned with are the ones holding you back from reaching your next elevation.

Audit those thoughts and a year from now look back to see your progress. If you are tired of living the same year over and over again its time to do something different

If your way hasn’t really worked, try this way and see what happens. Stop surviving start thriving.

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