Find Your Soul Mate Career / Soul Mate Business
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Find Your Soul Mate Career / Soul Mate Business

Does the thought of letting go TO DREAM, terrify you? What does “let go” even mean? I know that I like being in control of things, if there is a problem I like thinking about the solution and being practical. I am triggered by people who want to make things dramatic or who want to dwell in drama and complicate things. This comes from my childhood of being surrounded by people who I perceived, to always have life challenges and bearing some grudge or another against this aunty or that cousin. So, I learnt how to always be about fixing problems and finding solutions.

Letting go was not a phrase I liked hearing or even understood. When I first started getting into personal development and the tools that you can use such as fantasy and imagination, I struggled a lot. I mean what does that even mean, to use your imagination and to not be afraid? Is it not all airy-fairy?

We all know that we have a 6th sense, how does one reconcile having a 6th sense with years and years of study and experience of being taught to look and analyse facts?

When I kept finding myself in all these corporate jobs feeling like I really did not fit in, I was in denial that being my own woman was in my blood. Why would I want to go and “hustle” when I could just keep going from one fancy job and paycheque to the next?

So, I had to start doing the inner work and this article is designed to guide you. Some of the answers you may not know immediately, but that is okay, allow them to “marinate” and swirl and keep coming back to them. What you discover or uncover may even change from when you start doing these exercises, to a year from now.


The paycheque can blind you to many things. How many people have you heard say that they hate their job? Some would die before they admit to you that they are doing it for the money and to pay the bills.

There are also many women running their businesses and do not have a hustle mentality about them. You see I had to find women living in their own power already and every time that fear and employee mindset crept in, I had to remind myself that I can choose a different thought about how my own journey will work out.

I know very high-powered women who are in their jobs and will never leave them or trade not having a PA or the “prestige.” Maybe you also know women like this, maybe you are her right now. So, all that happens, is that the golden handcuffs get the best of us, we become programmed. But if you look at history, our ancestors were all self-sufficient. They did not have bosses. That concept did not always exist. It was constructed to suit a time and so was the 9-5. It was introduced during the industrial revolution.

Or maybe you do not want your own business, but you want something different.

May you be thinking why are you even questioning your life? You are successful and have a corporate job and fancy title? It is not your gut that is making you think about it? At what point will you just say, “this is enough”? I want to try something different.

The only way to do this is to do an audit of your life. Question and searching. Maybe you have other callings, I now know that I am a lawyer, wife, high performance coach for high achieving women, speaker, and writer. I have these natural talents, some I have actual qualifications in, like my legal and coaching stuff, but my speaking stuff is the fun stuff I like doing. Then why can’t I say that? I have been speaking since I was 7 years old, but I still had this mentality that I needed some qualification to validate me. The truth is that you can have the piece of paper but that may not translate into any further impact or action. E.g., people with PHD’s who are broke and just keep studying and studying.

So, I am asking you to dream and to not be afraid. If you fail to dream, you will not settle, and you will relive the same year repeatedly. Do you want that? Right now, you may see the dream or have the calling. You do not need to know the how. Your responsibility is to know the WHY.

What you believe in is what you get? Are you available for struggle and anxiety?

Stop making this hard, decide what do you want. I knew that I wanted to start a coaching business and work with women, I studied and did the certification. But it was only after a year that I actually got the courage to tell myself that I was knowledgeable enough, and that I could start coaching. Had I stayed stuck you would not be reading this. Can you see how we self-sabotage? I had to come to the key realisation that my calling and my gift was to help and serve women. When I stay small and stuck, I hold other women back. What is your fear costing you?

Act daily, get out of your head, and lean into your faith. To go for your dreams is scary, to change direction can be nerve wrecking but to stay stuck, is just plain silly. You will live the same year over and over again.

You will see women go after their goals and dreams whilst you sit on your ideas. You may even become jealous and bitter. Stop sitting by watching other women go for their dreams.

If you need support to help you get out of your head, get the support you need. If your girlfriend is also stuck in the same place, she may not be the support that you need. Find a woman who is living in her power and see how she is doing it. Google, invest in courses, read but don’t just sit there staying stuck and in your head, playing small.