Coaching Isn’t Motivation: It’s Mindset Gardening
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Coaching Isn’t Motivation: It’s Mindset Gardening

It is so comforting to know that when we DECIDE to go after our dreams, the HOW is not our responsibility. We worry about what others think and that we will fail.

In the beginning, when we decide what we want to do, we make it hard. How comfortable are you with being new to something?

How badly do you want to be happy? You going to have to ignore what others think. Try paying your bills with the opinions of others

If you keep going you will get smarter, you will get better. We need to keep going, only you get to decide to keep going. Do you need to act to move forward? What does it look like? Maybe you want to work with a coach it helps to have someone work the methodology and give you a framework. It is the same as hiring a dietician to assist you. You can do it alone or you can get all the help you need. You would not hesitate to buy that dress so do not be afraid to invest in mindset tools.

You must ask yourself how to do you want to present yourself as? do not worry about other people, you will develop your style courage and confidence. You do not have to have it all figured out. What if you just have glimpses, you can take baby steps, the key is to ACT. You want to look back and be proud that you elevated. Stop self-sabotaging and telling yourself you not ready enough.

You are not as disempowered if you lean into faith and have expectation. Ask for Divine Guidance. Even If all you can muster are the words “HELP” that is a prayer. Stop judging yourself, I know I did. I was so concerned that I did not have all the answers figured out to start my women’s coaching business. I judged myself and talked myself to just sticking to legal work to pay the bills. This is a world I knew. Starting from scratch to learn coaching methodology then start a women’s coaching business online was scary to me because I wanted overnight success to pick up from my coaching career to where my legal career was. So, what did I do? I self-sabotaged, I took months and months to work on my website. I focused on my legal work to avoid my coaching businesses and when I had to work on it, I would watch TV as “downtime.” Or I would read and do research for months and months and thinking that was work or action.

So here is a tip: Do not start doubting yourself because it is taking long, at the same time, do not give up. You have got to put in the work and keep believing. You see these are the two ingredients and we stop ourselves from starting because we are in a comfort zone.

It gets to be easy; it gets to be okay to know that we all have our doubts, but we push through them. Maybe you feel unworthy and you stay with your limiting beliefs you won’t PROCESS them and you will not grow. The comfort zone is not a place of safety it is a fallacy. Nothing is constant you either growing or dying there is not in between, even nature does not have anything standing still. Everything in nature also has a role to play there is an ecosystem so what are you here to do? Pay bills and Die? There has got to more life and that “more” differs from person to person. You must do the mind work….

It is a daily practice, its moment by moment because you have a gazillion thoughts flying at you, so you must manage your thoughts. You manage your thoughts by telling yourself a good story. You lean into your divine guidance and you ask for the next steps when you feel stuck.

Keep getting clearer and clearer for what you want. Your job is to figure what you want and keep aligning yourself to your desire. OWN it. Live with it and envision yourself as that person. This may start as difficult but lean into this. Its practice

You have practiced the story of why you not ready or why you cannot go after what you desire so give it the reverse thought that its totally possible. Can you just pretend? What is so hard? Give yourself inspiration to dream.

Then work on your self-image, that inner talk, that’s the thing that’s holding you back. It holds us all back until we learn how to work with it.