Do Vision Boards Work
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Do Vision Boards Work

I used to think that vision boards were all about finding images in magazines then cutting out pictures and pasting them with quotes here and there. My belief was that having a vision board meant that I had a plan. However, to have a picture of a nice house or car when you are working a 9-5 may not actually be attainable on a regular salary in the next few years. Or it may be that your vision board may lead you into debt and make you broke? Did you think of that?

Or maybe you tell yourself you are doing your vision board for some day. There is no date. But the pictures and the images are there and now and then when someone mentions a vision board you nod and remember yours.

You must align your daily habits to your vision board. That means that your vision board from the date that you create it must have some timelines or timeframes.

Your vision board is like a company strategy. A company has a financial year end and it has goals. Otherwise it cannot be sustainable or have goals.

A company strategy also has a budget that is attached to it. If you are an employee your job is linked to a strategy. You are not just random.

So, your vision board is meant to work like a company strategy. There are meant to make sure things happen daily. You also must use your vision board as your navigating plan.

What if you not a visual person? That is ok, can you at least journal or document what you see for yourself in the next 6 months, the next 12 months, the next 3 years, and the next 5 years.

The budget may be the effort that you put in. so you are budgeting hours. Those extra hours on the side may be needed to get you to get some physical activity into the picture.

Start with 6 months goals. As I sit here, I don’t know how all the pieces of my business will exactly unfold but I know I can think of at least a few small steps in the next 6 months that I need to take that will help me reach that picture of impacting women. E.g. I can make sure that to achieve the objective of empowering and working with women, that I at least draft content and work on putting together beneficial knowledge.

I know that the woman I want to be does not sit and watch TV all day, each day she wants to do something that will impact or help another. Something as small as writing this. You have got to figure out your daily actions.

The truth is that nobody is going to save you. Nobody is going to do the work for you. Women Up. Adult yourself, get the vision board done or document your goals.

Work on the daily action and have deadlines. You can review your progress as often as you feel the need to or once a month or once a week.

You must be able to hold yourself accountable. If you know you are not particularly good at that, get a friend to hold you accountable or work with a coach.

Upleveling and elevating is hard work, it’s a daily audit and you cannot escape you. But with commitment and persistence you will have a vision for your life that will navigate you out of your comfort zone.

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