How Did She Step Into Their Power
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How Did She Step Into Their Power

Have you ever looked at a woman who is doing the things you want to be doing and wondered how did she step into her power?

How did she do it? Maybe she left a toxic job, she asked for that raise, she moved cities she lost the weight, whatever shift she made that can be your story too.

There is no golden road map to unlock our dreams and passions. If there was, we would all be following them.

How powerful is that: if we all knew to do the things we wanted, got the things we desired would we have fear?

No we wouldn’t know what fear feels like. The most satisfying feeling is being able to say even though I feel fearful, I was fearless.

I was so fearful to leave a corporate 9-5 because I thought having a job was responsible.

When I realized that it was possible to make money consistently outside of a 9-5 something that I should have known in my subconscious, having grown up working in my dads cafe and moving on to other family businesses making good money. It still didn’t feel “safe” to me. I felt that a salary was safe and routine, that a business wasn’t. But that’s cause I didn’t know about scaling and memberships and value can create such a win win for myself and my client.

To venture on my own teaching what I know and love felt scary. This is coming from a woman who has started and stopped many business ideas and sat on ideas.

I was so terrified and every time there was a quite or dull moment in my day I would panic. The reality is that in a corporate job I would probably be using that down time to google how to make money on the side. How to start an online business. Listening to numerous podcasts and just thinking well atleast I’m doing something and getting paid. Hmmmmm what a waist of talent! Or chatting to a colleague about recipes?

I always told myself I would go get a job doing lawyering and use that time to figure out what I really wanted to do. Was it stay in Corporate as an anti corruption lawyer or was it coach women all over the world?

It took me three years of my life to figure it out. Then another year stuck in fear : research mode. I coached but here and there. However I used my income to invest in my business. To work on the website, home office and the right equipment.

When I thought Of my own business, Staying home meant finding my own rhythm and routine. I did this successfully in varsity I babysat myself to get those degrees. Yet when it came to my business I kept stalling.

I kept thinking I am not doing enough. I need to do more be more and have more. This was a loop. Yet something kept telling me focus on the impact focus on the why. The woman who get to walk with you and who you get to serve.

Your dream will pave the way when you stand up and say yes. If it was easy we would all be running our dream business and have dream bodies.

To have these things you gonna have to go through fear, change which has to be physical and mental. It’s a different kind of thinking and a different kind of smart.

That woman is doing those things because she stepped into her power. If she is making it look easy and you are sitting there wondering why it’s so hard for you.

Here is the thing, your journey may be completely different. I have learnt that when I focused on my voice and I looked at my coaching business I didn’t have to compare myself to anybody.

My style is unique to me and that’s good enough. I’m driven by excellence and value and when I bring this to the table, I am authentically stepping into my power.

So follow me at 8 Figure Female and let me help you step into that powerful fearless woman with multiple sources of income.

That can be you: but you gonna have to do the work.

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