Brilliant But Broke
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Brilliant But Broke


Are you in self-misery because you are simply afraid or simply unwilling to take meaningful risks?

Do you do what you need to do; do you fear that you might fail or that your dreams and desires will not be able to sustain you?

Why don’t you flip this thought? Use the power of the mind.


Risk Takers use this approach to go for their goals. Look at the habits of young millionaires. If you knew the decisions that they made, you would probably think that they are irresponsible, but the results would not be what they are, if they did not take those risks.

If you hear of someone who is in the place that you want to be at, it helps you to use that as a map. So, what is the map: the correct thoughts. Keep doing this, all day every day, think….


We are so afraid of making an error in our judgement. I know I was, at least when I decided that I was ready to leave the corporate life and fully step into my purpose. So, if you are like me, surround yourself with people who are doing the things that you want to do. The thing is, I had to find those people online. I had to read the books and listen to a gazillion podcasts.

What did this do? It made me get stuck in research mode, and I mean stuck. I was not able to have the courage to leave the corporate life, which was leaving me drained, running after one shiny object to the next because of the comfort of a monthly salary.

It is a cycle, monthly bills paid by a monthly salary – equals stuck in a cycle.

So maybe you are like me, you think you are not qualified enough to do the things that you want to do, or that you are not good enough and that you need to get that extra degree or qualification. This can actually become an excuse and keeps you stuck in just gathering knowledge with no ACTION.

This is where the saying Brilliant but broke comes from. Because you are gathering all this knowledge and you are choosing not to show up. You are hiding behind your insecurities, of not knowing enough or of not being ready. A 9-5 job can also be a way of hiding. You don’t have to figure things out, a job description does that for you. All you are doing is waiting for some date in the future, hoping you will have the guts.

I am not saying do not pay attention to your fears, but be mindful, present and aware of them. Ask yourself, why is this coming up for me and stay present to your emotions. Recognise that no matter what the results might be… you will be able to say I showed up and did my part.

So, do not be afraid of the fear but do not let it keep you from playing small. Journal on the fear, write it out but you must know that if you do not step out of your comfort zone you will keep living the same year repeatedly.

You see for a long time I did not realise that gathering knowledge and being stuck in research mode can be an EXCUSE, preventing me from taking ACTION. How much is enough? Will the certification force you to start the business, not really? In my case I was certified in coaching, but it took me a long time to actually start coaching women confidently.

I wanted to help high achieving women maximise their impact and step into that power or at least start taking baby steps towards discovering their POWER. But I sat on the idea for an awfully long time. I would start the business, then change and rebrand. Fear was at the back of my mind; how can I change from being a lawyer to coaching women? Yet, I had spent a considerable amount of time, working in corporate and government and being exposed to challenging experiences that would allow me to help my clients with tools and tips. I would be in a position to motivate and inspire.

Natural progression is to go to University, get a job and follow the usual life script. Get the 9-5 and earn a pension and maybe feel secure because they throw in the medical aid. But have you even decided if you want to retire at 60 or 65? What if you want to work until you are 85? There are many people who are working at that age because they want to.

Basically, maybe you have followed tradition, what parents told you to do, you have followed the usual route. So, these could actually be OLD Ideas. Its ok to interrogate your ideas, its ok to change your mind. Give yourself permission to explore what you want to do.

It’s time to let those old ideas go and to ask yourself if you are holding yourself back.


  • What images do you have of yourself in your head that is HOLDING you back? Is it an image of a good corporate job? The title? Is this image holding you back?
  • What confidence do you have in your abilities? You must have confidence in your OWN ability. If you have that inner knowing, use that as an INDICATOR.